Monday, November 7, 2011

Lock Out Defense


Lock Out Defense

The NBA lockout situation looks bleak, for all parties involved.  The owners haven’t got the Basketball Related Income (BRI) percentage they desire, and the same can be said for the players.  The last party that is taking the biggest hit is the fans.  Everyone gets to watch Derek Fisher, and David Stern accuse each other of lying, instead of watching players like Kobe, LeBron, and Durant battling it out on the hardwood.

The BRI is by far the biggest issue in this mess.  Under the last CBA the players were given a 57% share of basketball income.  They would like to stay at that percentage, but the owners have other ideas.  Each side has made some moves regarding the percentage, and various offers have been made and than rejected.

The latest is an offer by owners that would give the players 51% initially the players are not going to like it, but there is a little hitch in this deal, that the players might want to buckle down and take it.  The owners are saying that the 51% deal will expire Wednesday, and each deal after this one will be significantly worse for the players.

The players are obviously split when it comes to this lockout.  Some players some are ready to take it and others are ready to sit down and let this lockout run its course.  Some players are even requesting a decertification of the players union.  This is bad, bad, bad.  If that does happen, this lockout will not end any time soon.

The owners are split as well.  Big market owners such as Mark Cuban (Dallas) Jerry Buss (Lakers) and Mickey Arison (Heat) are ready to play ball.  They are not economically hurting.  Now owners such as Dan Gilbert (Cavs) and Michael Heisley (Grizzlies) want to restructure the entire league, because they “say” they are losing money.

Instead of all this he said, he said garbage that is getting air wave play all over the country, get in those meeting rooms, Players take the 51% because your not going to like the next offers, The owners can sit on this lockout as long as they want. The players need to get out on the court, so the owners have the leverage, take the best deal you can get guys, and this looks like its going to be the best one.

If the NBA misses this season, it will be a nightmare for the PR department.  The momentum the league gained last year with the Heat story, and the great playoff runs, will be lost and may take longer than they think to gain back.

Lets think about the people that truly pay your salaries, and fill your arenas…Get it right for the fans!

Please remember that BASKETBALL NEVER STOPS


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