Sunday, November 6, 2011

Curse Busting

Curse Busters

Since 1918 The Boston Red Sox were cursed, whether it is because of the Great Bambino, or any other reason, the facts are they hadn’t won a World Series in 86 years. There is a team on the North Side of Chicago, which has a similar problem, only a little bit worse, is that even possible?

The Red Sox curse was standing strong until two men walked through the Fenway Park doors, Theo Epstein, and Terry Francona.   In 2002 Theo Epstein was given the reigns.  Two years later he hires Francona, and I think we know the rest of that story…They go on to win 2 World Series Titles, and who knows it could have been more, if not for the greatest September collapse in baseball history.

A terrible September later and Theo Epstein in now holding down the fort for the Chicago Cubs.  And we thought the Red Sox were cursed? We thought the Red Sox would never win? The Cubbies make The Red Sox curse busting look like a walk in the park.

The writings on the wall, the precedent has been set, however you want to put it, its there…Theo to the North Siders. The same North Siders that have not won anything in over 100 years!  Francona searching for a job, Look no further than the loveable losers.  I mean why not?

The Chicago Cubs job is by far the best job in baseball, why? Well the guys that finally win it for this city will go down as Gods in baseball history. They will never be forgotten, and it will probably be the most celebrated World Series Title of all time.  And on the contrary if they don’t win, it really doesn’t matter because it’s never been done there, they would just join the long list of guys that could not get it done for the Cubs.

Epstein and Francona know each other very well, they are comfortable with each other, and most importantly they have won together.  Its almost seems like a fairytale, If Epstein indeed decides to hire Francona, they will embark on a journey that can turn these two men into immortals. Now they might have a few kinks to work out, to make sure they are on the same page, but if they are able to work out the problems that may have festered towards the end of the Boston era, they should have no reason not to make this happen.

1918 vs 1908
Fenway Park vs Wrigley Field
Curse of Bambino vs Curse of Billy Goat

When there is losing going on, who you gonna call? The Curse Busters


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  1. Great piece on my favorite team....let's hope it happens