Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time To Realign

NCAA Realignment

Ok, this whole realignment talk is getting a bit out of control, Boise to the Big East??? They have this whole thing wrong, and yes its all money driven so it is going to be hard to fix, every school wants a piece of a very large pie. 

Let’s think hypothetically for a second, and pretend money isn’t the main factor in this saga.  There has been plenty talk of a 4 or 5 super-conference set up, I happen to favor the 5 conference way. You take all the major schools that are “football and basketball” schools and you divide them up regionally.

80 schools would make the cut for the Super-Conferences,  They would than form the Pac16, BIG16, SEC, ACC, and what is today the BigXII, for arguments sake were going to call that the MID16.

Here is how I would realign this mess we call the NCAA: (Bold represents newcomers to conference)

UCLAOhio St.OklahomaAlabamaDuke
USCMichiganOklahoma St.LSUNorth Carolina
ArizonaMichigan St.TexasArkansasN.C. St.
Arizona St.Penn St.Texas AMGeorgiaWake Forest
OregonWisconsinTexas TechKentuckyVirginia
Oregon St.IllinoisTCUMiss St.Virginia Tech
StanfordIndianaKansasOle MissMaryland
CalPurdueKansas St.AuburnBoston College
WashingtonMinnesotaMizzouTennesseS. Carolina
Washington St.NebraskaBaylorVanderbiltPitt
UtahIowaColorado St.FloridaSyracuse
ColoradoNorthwesternHoustonFlorida St.West Virginia
Boise St.Notre DameMemphisMiamiUconn
BYUIowa St.RiceLouisvilleSt. Johns
NevadaCincinnatiNew MexicoGeorgia TechRutgers
UNLVWyomingNew Mexico St.ClemsonGeorgetown

 By doing it this way, we could than eliminate the BCS in football, and take the top 2 teams from each conference and put them in a 10 team playoff format.

If there is one thing that the NCAA does have right, it’s the NCAA Means Bball tourney, I wouldn’t dream of touching that, let the committees still pick the top 68 teams to play, rewarding the conference champs with #1 seeds, and than going about there selection the same way they have been doing it forever

We are a very long way away from fixing these problems, but the solutions they have been coming up with lately is just a hot mess. Can we please think about the sport of competition instead of dollar signs


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