Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pros and Cons of NBA Lockout

Pros and Cons of NBA Lockout

With the Lockout gloom hanging over the NBA, lets poke a little fun at it.

Pro- Lebron James gets to sit back relax, and do nothing
Con- Just like in last years NBA Finals

Pro- The Lockout has lasted over 130 days. For most players that feels like a lifetime.
Con- For Kris Humphries it feels like 2 marriages.

Pro- Kobe has considered trying out for a team in Italy
Con- Dirk is considering trying out for the Geico Caveman commercials

Pro- Its just a matter of time before you see someone driving hard to the whole and trying to score.
Con- Especially if you work for Herman Cain.

Pro- With no games scheduled players don’t have to travel to 30 different cities.
Con- Unless they want to visit their kids.

Pro- For many teams the lockout has actually been a good thing.
Con- At 0-0 this is the best record the Clippers have had in 12 years.

Pro- The Toronto Raptors don’t have to play.
Con- The Toronto Raptors are still in the NBA.



Special Thanks to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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